Whether you've gotten here via Enterpriseidentity.net, BelowReproach.com, Deuby.com, or more Deja Vulikely through a search referral, this is the personal website of Sean Deuby. As the tagline "stuff which don't fit in other places" implies, I already post content in other places and forms:

  • I'm technical director for Windows IT Professional. I get to spend time with aspects of information technology (IT) that most IT pros don't get to: Reading about it, working with it, going to multiple conferences during the year where I meet and interview thought leaders, vendors and other interesting people associated with it, speak about it, and finally write about it. I also write a monthly column on enterprise identity. It's pretty cool to be able to do this after 25 years in the trenches of IT.
  • I'm primary webmaster of The Okinawan Karate Club Of Dallas, which I co-founded in 1984 with my pal Ilene Smoger. It's a creaky old thing made out of Microsoft Front Page, but it's been around so long it's huge and is well known. One of my long-delayed projects is to update it to a modern CMS system like WordPress or Joomla. (Once I get this site polished up.)
  • I'm just winding up a year's duty developing and running Plano Senior High School's Planowrestling.org website. Not just a website, it's an integrated web / email / social media system. It's been a good experience, and blogging about what I've learned was an impetus in getting this site back up.
  • The short stuff goes on Twitter, of course.

I teach Okinawan karate, bicycle, run (and practice yoga to keep it all screwed together), really enjoy photography, and whatever else I can seize my day with. For more detail on my background and experience, you can go to my About.Me page.

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